A song about a couple caught in the crossroads of uncertainty, knowing deep down that things aren't quite clicking, yet neither willing to pull the plug. Heartbreaker captures the bittersweet essence of love in limbo, the tug-of-war between holding on and letting go.

Heartbreaker is our fourth original track and the debut single from our upcoming album ‘reverie' — set to release at the end of summer 2024.

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Written and performed by Ree & Dito Additional Guitar, Bass, Arrangement Jacob Montague Drums Kevin Brown Piano, Bass Clarinet, Synthesizer Eric Price Produced by Jacob Montague, Ree & Dito Engineered by Aaron Klassen @ Monarch Studios Additional Engineering by Jacob Montague, Stuart Carlson @ Vertical Studios Mixed By Jacob Montague Mastered By Jack Kennedy Video + Photo Russell Han Josef Lyric Video Editors Ree & Dito

© ℗ 2024 TMP Records

Sunshine and roses
Can we keep it that way?
There’s no hope on this road
The skies looking grey

Daisies and rainbows
Was all I could dream
Where is the happy ending
Like movies we’ve seen?

You told me to stay
I begged you to leave
But then you convinced me that it’ll be okay
I told you to stay
You begged me to leave
We both know that there’s no other way
If life’s a movie, then who'd be the heart-breaker?

Daisies and rainbows
Should we keep it that way?
Hard to fight for something
That’d be gone someday

I wish we know how
To break off from this chain
Can we agree to end
This unending pain?

About tmp.

Ree & Dito started their musical journey as a passion project in 2014. The Canada-based Indonesian duo began uploading their music to YouTube and the response was amazing. By 2017, their fanbase began to grow rapidly, which inspired them to create content regularly. They have been musically inclined since childhood, having spent much of their time creating and performing with their siblings. As a result, they developed many technical skills, and have an affinity for all types of music. This eventually led to the inception of The Macarons Project.

Currently, TMP has over 750k youtube subscribers and over 290 million total streams (and counting) on Spotify. They have also been featured multiple times on the Acoustic Favorites Spotify editors playlist. Furthermore, Ree & Dito have begun working with various film producers to have their music included in films.

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